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Imtinan Ahmad is an international award-winning Entrepreneur who has built multiple 6 and 7-figure businesses for himself and for his clients and that too in dollars terms. In addition, Imtinan Ahmad is an Athalos Global Ambassador for UN's SDGs, UN Polio Ambassador for Pakistan, & leading motivational speaker who has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and is still giving back.

Imtinan Ahmad is on a mission to create a financially independent Pakistan, where every Pakistani runs his/her own business online in a true global entrepreneurship spirit.

Realising that lately Pakistan has become a flourishing market for e-commerce gurus who do not make things simple for a common Pakistani, Imtinan Ahmad along with his team, too on the mission to make a change.

After months of planning & hard work, Imtinan Ahmad shares his years of experience in e-commerce & has launched this amazing MEDM Program (MASTERY IN E-COMMERCE & DIGITAL MARKETING), where every Pakistani can learn E-commerce & Digital Marketing in few days and can start profit generating business in only few days.

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Imtinan Ahmad

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